Thursday, January 5, 2012

Updates from the road

Here are a couple more of the pieces that I put together for friends in Seattle.  I'm very pleased to be in the town and dropping these off.  I am even more pleased to be sitting outside of Victrola coffee blogging it up in the sunshine.  So this is the rainy city, huh?  Just like I remembered it.  Mercurial.

I've also while on this trip been putting together a series of drawings that will be compiled in a second edition of Transient.  The first is in the works early next week and I think the second will probably be done by about mid February.  I am trying to be chill about these goals this year.  Last year I felt like I didn't finish anything and was super down on myself, then looked at what I had done and realized that that opinion was completely ridiculous.

Anyway, here are the new pieces.

This will probably be it for the trip to Seattle for right now.  The rest of my days seem to be filling up quickly, but that is A.O.K. with me.  Have a good one.  Keep on loving 2012.  As Steve McQueen says of the man falling from the ten story building in The Magnificent Seven, every floor down he said "So far so good".  If all that Mayan nonsense proves to be true, lets go out with a "So far so good".


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