Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's 2 AM & I'm Listening to the Pumpkins

This past week I took a little trip to Seattle in order to re-fuel myself.  I missed my friends.  I missed Elliott Bay and I missed the Olympics.  I wanted rain in January.  I wanted forty degrees.  Seattle always makes me feel like an artist.  I don't understand the town one bit.  Perhaps it is the street art, though really I think there is probably better street art found in NYC, or maybe it is the people but I can find anti-social people just about anywhere.  What is it?  I don't know, but I'm ready for some things now.

I spent the trip filling out another set of drawings in my sketchbook for Transient.  I have almost all of that work scanned in.  Now it is just a matter of choosing what format I want to put that work into.  I am not sure what would do it the most justice or if that really even matters.  Maybe I just need to get it out there and what will be will be.

After getting back, I've been immensely tired.  I didn't catch my creative stride until I bought a pound of coffee today at about six.  I made coffee.  I felt better.  I worked for eight hours, even if it is not an acceptable shift by factory hours.

I have been struggling with the idea for my thesis project.  I thought that it might be heading into that area of too formal for me to enjoy.  While on break tonight I started flipping through Jeff Soto's Potato Stamp Dreams and realized that I was avoiding painting still.  Everything has been a drawing, which is awesome.  That allows me to finish more work in a program focused around finishing a lot of work, but I want to paint too.  I love paint.  I love brushes.

That is where I am at now.  I worked for the next four hours making sketches.  They are quite elaborate, a combination of both the original thesis idea and my favorite two pieces from my first year in the MFA program.  Best of all, I think that perhaps this kind of work could get me a show in all of the galleries that I though would never touch me with a ten foot pole.  That would be cool.

Here is a teaser.  I'm tired and didn't have the energy to scan in all of the sketches.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow there will be time.  It will be awesome.  I hope it is awesome for you too.  I know it will be awesome for you too.

I'll explain all of this in further depth tomorrow.  Until then, get some sleep.

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