Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Slowly but Surely

A couple things to post today. I hope everybody loves Telly Savalas as much as I do. How can you dislike Kojak?

Originally I told my uncle that it would take me two weeks to finish two small paintings for him. Here it is two months later and I just finished the first. The second is nearly done as well. Almost. Only a month and a half tardy. I feel like deadlines were a lot easier to meet when I was still in school. Must be all of the stoner music I listen to.....

Does anyone remember that Tim O'brien cover art for Time, that had Dick Cheney on the cover, with the top half of his head cut off and a bunch of gears inside. I want to do a piece like that that actually exposes Vice president Cheney's brains. Amidst all of the folds I want to paint a bunch of these little tank heads though. It's loosely based on a cross between Kelly Savalas' character in Kelly's Heroes and the Cloud Constructors.

Someone give that man a lollipop!
That one is for you dad.

until next time....

Monday, September 17, 2007

Latona, the art sale, and the glorious bucky sinister

So I just hung a little show at Latona, a bar on 65th and Latona. It actually looks pretty good. I was worried. There are so many holes in the walls there, but I covered up enough of them that I think it looks pretty good.

Everything there is priced really well, so hop on in and get it while the prices are hot!

My friend Jill already has dibs on this one, but I completed it just in time to put it up at Latona. I was very pleased with it. Notice that the birds actually look 3d.

I think this might be the first time that I have ever done a piece with just one t.v. in it. At least one t.v. without anything being done to it that is.

And this last image I came up with while thinking about a new poetry book I got yesterday. Bucky Sinister's "Whiskey and Robots".

"...I've seen angels
in public toilets
tying off with their own halos..."

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Big Art Sale, Moving, and the Smoke Series

So, this thursday for first thursday I intend to be in Occidental Park selling my paintings for an incredibly reduced rate. I'll be there starting at like five thirty and going until it starts to get dark. Everything would be a deal at twice the price except the snake oil.

Anyway here are a couple of examples of the pieces I will have there.

This piece is titled "Rockem' Sockem' " after the game that prompted so many after it, like hungry hungry hippos and trouble. Actually I have no idea about trouble. The pop-o-matic bubble may very well have been it's own brainchild.

This one is called "Brighter than the Others". This may be the happiest I have ever been with my colors. Hope you like it too.

"The Wind Machine" was part of the Cloud Constructors series. I always kind of envisioned this rock forming out of the middle of the ocean off the coast of Florida, with the machine on top directing all of the hurricanes that run through Florida.

So I am also planning out a series paying incredible attention to the smoke pouring out of smoke stacks. I figure this is a good thing to be thinking about with a huge move across the country coming up again. Only thing you can think of in Gary, Indiana.

Anyway, anyone who is looking for some original work, get in touch with me. It is all incredibly reduced for the next month, and I would rather not have to move any of it with me.