Monday, September 17, 2007

Latona, the art sale, and the glorious bucky sinister

So I just hung a little show at Latona, a bar on 65th and Latona. It actually looks pretty good. I was worried. There are so many holes in the walls there, but I covered up enough of them that I think it looks pretty good.

Everything there is priced really well, so hop on in and get it while the prices are hot!

My friend Jill already has dibs on this one, but I completed it just in time to put it up at Latona. I was very pleased with it. Notice that the birds actually look 3d.

I think this might be the first time that I have ever done a piece with just one t.v. in it. At least one t.v. without anything being done to it that is.

And this last image I came up with while thinking about a new poetry book I got yesterday. Bucky Sinister's "Whiskey and Robots".

"...I've seen angels
in public toilets
tying off with their own halos..."


rejected said...

Damn that's a good line. Don't know much about Bucky Sinister, but I do konw about tying off halos. Dig the paintings bro.

Mattie said...

and now

guts are flyin' and shoes untyin'
the whole heap's

justa nother mongrel scholar

stuck in the sink

hope the stopper's done stopped
and yr in space
drinkin' marmalades