Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Sunday Sunday

so I finished my goldfinch piece yesterday morning, or maybe it was friday morning. I really can't remember right now. The last two days at the cow have been pretty intense, so who knows in the end right?

But anyway I really like how this piece came out. I'm planning on using both of the new bird pieces in my portfolio for MCAD. Other good news, by the way, all I have left to do is choose twenty items out of thirty to thirty five for my portfolio and send that and my proposal out and I am all done applying to MCAD. Wish me luck. I hope to be in Minneapolis by September.

Until next time, Keep on trucking.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I was up at about six thirty this morning and it looks like it is going on two now. I finished my proposal for grad school and then went to work on a painting for the Hive's global awareness show. Of course I have to be in that one. With the subject matter I am usually using, how could I not be in it. Then I went to the cow for a while and then right back to studio until about one or so in the morning.

So this is the first actual painting that I've finished in my tribute to Marvel comics "What if?!" titles. I think of this series as "What if Al Gore is actually right about global warming and the polar ice caps are really going to be gone in three years?!" I know that sounds a little skeptical of Al Gore, but he's a politician. My dad's been telling me since I could walk that politicians are no good. However, I can agree with not polluting for obvious reasons.

The next piece in the series I think will be a panoramic painting, probably twice as wide as this sketch, with power lines just peaking out of the water. I need to get off the kick of violet green swallows. I think the last three paintings I've finished have had violet green swallows in them, and it is really time to stop.


...thankfully, this sketch which I'm using in a painting that is almost done, has a goldfinch on the branch. In fact I should be done with that one tomorrow morning. It's almost there. All that is left is to bring the color up on the bird, which will be quite simple. When that's done though, I'm not really sure which piece I should send to the Hive.....

Oh well, better to have too many than too few.

until next time....who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men

the shadow knows


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My cat and I just took a nap...

Riley's pretty much the man and he sleeps in boxes, what more could you want out of a cat......

So I'm a little groggy. It's been a busy week and a half or so. Last wednesday Beth suggested I apply to MCAD(Minneapolis College of Art and Design). I've been wanting to go there for a while now. So I applied and I've been trying to get about three months worth of preparation for an application done in a week. It's always been my style though.

In the meantime, I've been doing some more work in the sketchbook, including a new bird and robot combo. After not doing those for so long, it's easier to come back with new and different looking birds and robots.

It certainly seems like a long time since I originally worked up a robot and bird together. This is a little more complex than the beginning, but I still have some fond memories of the beginning.

I've also been working on different ways of incorporating the tv with teeth into my work. This one is kind of like jonah and the whale, except there is no whale.....

So my niece, Patience made that color behind the bird. She didn't use all of the paint on her pallet, which is not really a surprise since she's seven, but I thought it was a pretty nice job on her part.

more to come soon. I am almost done with another bird in the post polar ice cap world piece.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Birdhouses, Speakerboxes, and where the two may meet

So I've been doing a lot of work in my sketchbooks lately; trying to figure out what to do with two speaker boxes that my friend RC gave me. Also, since recently getting an internet connection, I've been researching different grants and programs for artist retreat and what not. The fact that New Hampshire is somewhat of an artist retreat by default doesn't really hinder things either.

I have, I've previously relayed, become quite obsessed with birds of late. I have a collection of bird books that seems to ever be growing and becoming more and more dog-eared(it's a form of love right?) This said, the idea of crossing birdhouse with speaker housing isn't too much of a stretch. The only problem for these research institutions could possibly be "why?".

I'm thinking double doors where the speaker would be, opening like a grandfather clock. No cuckoo out of this one, but more a bird being amplified. The fight between technology and nature continues. I'm open to suggestion on this one, if anyone feels like offering anything up, be my guest.

This sketch is out of a series that has been following the global warming debates. Essentially, I'm thinking that if the polar ice caps melt, all that will be left will be birds and fish. Hopefully we won't see, but it is interesting creating some pieces with the intent of developing interest in a global issue. I guess some of my work is along these lines, but not usually this blunt.

After the two loaded images, I'd like to just throw out the happy go lucky little guy listening to his tunes in the tree limbs above....

This was a huge sketch for me in my career. At least I think it will prove to be so. It was one of the first times that I took care with the pseudo background instead of just the figure in the center of a piece. I'm not sure if the illo instructors at Syracuse would be proud or not.
I like it though.

I'll be posting a couple more things before the week is over if I can remember to bring my other journals home from the studio. And if anyone has some more ideas about birds with speakers.......maybe you can help me tear the envelope.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Finally back and loving it!

So as any of you who come here with any regularity know, I've moved from the booming metropolis of seattle to the quaint village of Ashland in New Hampshire. And now that I have the internet at my pad again I feel pretty darn good about the whole thing.
Oh yes, I asked beth to marry me and she said yes. Very good news. Most days she even still seems into it.

I have a new studio in my almost a brother in law's basement. Pretty cool. I need more wood to paint on, and I need to build myself another mondo easel, but the room itself is pretty cool. I got a lot of my schtick up in it, and I even have a mouse in there(in a cage) It makes me feel kind of like Batman in the cave with a lot of bats. I'm going to be like the Mighty Mouse of the art world or something.

So anyway, I've got some new stuff for everyone to check out too.

This is the "Birdhouse Jam #1". It actually already sold in a show at the Hive Gallery in LA. There will be lots of birdhouse stuff coming up soon. I've been getting really into them. Beth's parents even got me a book on building different types of birdhouses. I also put up a bird feeder in my yard. Thistle for finches. This being in the country thing has its plus side.

Beth made me another sketchbook for my birthday this last year. This was the first real page I worked up in it. The actual first page was just two flies(the fishing kind). I'm not really into emo. I guess i was sort of suggesting that people that are into emo generally like to broadcast their feelings. My apologies to anyone who may take offense.....

I told you man, birdhouses.....

Ok, so this probably needs some explanation. I've been doing a lot of reading since we've touched ground here. One of the books that I read was a Robert Heinlein all about how if the koreans and japanese got together after the korean war, came over the north pole, and beat the crap out of us, then subjected us to brainwashing. I'm not suggesting that that robot is what I think of when I think of various Asian countries but it is what I think of when I'm thinking about brainwashing. Don't worry. Soon tv's and this robot will combine to take over the whole kit and kaboodle man.

And Lastly, I don't usually use this spot for inside jokes and whatnot, but this is for Kelly Bartell, because I miss her. I don't know why minneapolis has to be so far away!