Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Birdhouses, Speakerboxes, and where the two may meet

So I've been doing a lot of work in my sketchbooks lately; trying to figure out what to do with two speaker boxes that my friend RC gave me. Also, since recently getting an internet connection, I've been researching different grants and programs for artist retreat and what not. The fact that New Hampshire is somewhat of an artist retreat by default doesn't really hinder things either.

I have, I've previously relayed, become quite obsessed with birds of late. I have a collection of bird books that seems to ever be growing and becoming more and more dog-eared(it's a form of love right?) This said, the idea of crossing birdhouse with speaker housing isn't too much of a stretch. The only problem for these research institutions could possibly be "why?".

I'm thinking double doors where the speaker would be, opening like a grandfather clock. No cuckoo out of this one, but more a bird being amplified. The fight between technology and nature continues. I'm open to suggestion on this one, if anyone feels like offering anything up, be my guest.

This sketch is out of a series that has been following the global warming debates. Essentially, I'm thinking that if the polar ice caps melt, all that will be left will be birds and fish. Hopefully we won't see, but it is interesting creating some pieces with the intent of developing interest in a global issue. I guess some of my work is along these lines, but not usually this blunt.

After the two loaded images, I'd like to just throw out the happy go lucky little guy listening to his tunes in the tree limbs above....

This was a huge sketch for me in my career. At least I think it will prove to be so. It was one of the first times that I took care with the pseudo background instead of just the figure in the center of a piece. I'm not sure if the illo instructors at Syracuse would be proud or not.
I like it though.

I'll be posting a couple more things before the week is over if I can remember to bring my other journals home from the studio. And if anyone has some more ideas about birds with speakers.......maybe you can help me tear the envelope.

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