Sunday, April 24, 2011

Far Too Much to Do & Far Too Much to Share

It is the twenty fourth.  This year escapes me.  I have four more days of first year graduate student status before I cross the threshold and begin the downhill slide into an MFA in studio arts.  These are exciting times.  However, there are still a number of people looking for me to do my old work, which I think will inevitably be crossing paths with the new work, and this has made me one stressed little monkey.

But, things are looking good now.  I need to pull together a small show for a spot in my hometown, which is great.  I have never shown art in Lewis County.  I am working on a piece in exchange for a new American made Fender stratocaster, which is very exciting, putting together a small group of works for Bard Coffee in Portland, working up some more pieces in a series of paintings for a commission, and trying to work on a couple illustration projects.  I am feeling a bit busy, but it is a happy time.

I'm posting a couple images of my most recent installation.  It is really a portrait of an artist as you will see.  I'm pretty excited about it, but I am far more excited for my newer ideas that have come of it.  Stay tuned, at this rate, I'll have something new up in a couple months or so.  But no, in all seriousness, I'll try to get some sketches up soon.

 This is really a kind of a continuation around the room of the piece that I showed a couple months ago.  I have gotten way more into the making of this piece than I was though.  I think that the artist manning the stereo and thinking about a big black cloud is right where I am at.  Like I said, a self portrait of the artist.
It has been good.  Things are coming together.  Answers to questions that I hadn't even considered are becoming more and more readily available.  I am feeling good.  More to come.