Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Country Cow, NH and living homeless

So here I am. Made it to New Hampshire. I found a job within two days. Not too bad. Working as a line cook at the Country Cow. Not my preferred employment, but at least it's employment. Better pay rate than driving the beer van though. But "a man and his fry pan" doesn't sound nearly as cool as "a man and his beer van".

Anyway I am at Beth's parents house, no scanner, so I guess I'll be putting up some old stuff for the time being. Although I do have one new piece that has been color corrected, so everyone can check out Michael Boston's new piece:

I do have a lot of new work that is going on in my sketchbook and my journal, however, so when I do have a scanner and my internet connection set up at my new place, I will have a whole bunch of stuff to put up. Until then, be well. And if you are in Seattle, run to Latona and buy up the rest of the paintings there so I don't have to have them sent to NH.


Sunday, October 14, 2007


It's funny when you decide to move. Funny peculiar not funny haha at all. you find yourself talking to people and realize that you are completely on the same page, and for some reason when you have just a little bit of time left to hang out, you find yourself paying even more attention to a person than you were before.

So here is something that my buddy Paul and I were talking about tonight. American society. The leaders are no longer the people that lead a group necessarily but the people that think for themselves, and don't let precedent or television or the internet tell them what to do....
I'll miss you Paul, as unmanly as it may sound.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Getting Ready to Move and hanging in there...

I've been getting really into smoke coming out of machinery. I really want to do a series of machines with different smoke pouring out all of them, but the more I start with construction equipment and smoke the more I keep adding things; super pleasant things like leveled forests and whatnot...

The only thing that I really don't like about this series idea is the tendency to put the machinery in the lower left and right corners. Perhaps I will start to push myself to put the machinery in the upper left and right. Who knows what I will become obsessed with really. Composition is something that kind of runs in cycles with me. I'll do one thing with a bunch of different imagery and then I will look at it all and it will kind of fit a pattern.

I also had this idea for a Dia De los Muertos skull coming out in the smoke. My grandfather was a grater operator, and I guess that is what I always think of when I think of him. So when I was asked to do a DDLM piece, it kind of seemed fitting.

So here's one of the pieces that I have up at Latona now. I'm pretty excited about it. It's about five feet high, and I cut the stereos out in about two hours one night when I was totally exhausted and probably hallucinating. The birds I was awake for.
Here's an idea for a poem that my friend Mattie was working on. He mentions the sky with a tear. I started to think about it as a tear like in fabric despite the fact that I knew very well that he meant the watery kind of tear.