Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Country Cow, NH and living homeless

So here I am. Made it to New Hampshire. I found a job within two days. Not too bad. Working as a line cook at the Country Cow. Not my preferred employment, but at least it's employment. Better pay rate than driving the beer van though. But "a man and his fry pan" doesn't sound nearly as cool as "a man and his beer van".

Anyway I am at Beth's parents house, no scanner, so I guess I'll be putting up some old stuff for the time being. Although I do have one new piece that has been color corrected, so everyone can check out Michael Boston's new piece:

I do have a lot of new work that is going on in my sketchbook and my journal, however, so when I do have a scanner and my internet connection set up at my new place, I will have a whole bunch of stuff to put up. Until then, be well. And if you are in Seattle, run to Latona and buy up the rest of the paintings there so I don't have to have them sent to NH.


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