Monday, January 7, 2008

Finally back and loving it!

So as any of you who come here with any regularity know, I've moved from the booming metropolis of seattle to the quaint village of Ashland in New Hampshire. And now that I have the internet at my pad again I feel pretty darn good about the whole thing.
Oh yes, I asked beth to marry me and she said yes. Very good news. Most days she even still seems into it.

I have a new studio in my almost a brother in law's basement. Pretty cool. I need more wood to paint on, and I need to build myself another mondo easel, but the room itself is pretty cool. I got a lot of my schtick up in it, and I even have a mouse in there(in a cage) It makes me feel kind of like Batman in the cave with a lot of bats. I'm going to be like the Mighty Mouse of the art world or something.

So anyway, I've got some new stuff for everyone to check out too.

This is the "Birdhouse Jam #1". It actually already sold in a show at the Hive Gallery in LA. There will be lots of birdhouse stuff coming up soon. I've been getting really into them. Beth's parents even got me a book on building different types of birdhouses. I also put up a bird feeder in my yard. Thistle for finches. This being in the country thing has its plus side.

Beth made me another sketchbook for my birthday this last year. This was the first real page I worked up in it. The actual first page was just two flies(the fishing kind). I'm not really into emo. I guess i was sort of suggesting that people that are into emo generally like to broadcast their feelings. My apologies to anyone who may take offense.....

I told you man, birdhouses.....

Ok, so this probably needs some explanation. I've been doing a lot of reading since we've touched ground here. One of the books that I read was a Robert Heinlein all about how if the koreans and japanese got together after the korean war, came over the north pole, and beat the crap out of us, then subjected us to brainwashing. I'm not suggesting that that robot is what I think of when I think of various Asian countries but it is what I think of when I'm thinking about brainwashing. Don't worry. Soon tv's and this robot will combine to take over the whole kit and kaboodle man.

And Lastly, I don't usually use this spot for inside jokes and whatnot, but this is for Kelly Bartell, because I miss her. I don't know why minneapolis has to be so far away!

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Kelly said...

Ah Smell Repel.
How things have changed.

One major line-item being that I do not live around the corner from you anymore! BOO.

But see you soon.
MISS you!