Thursday, January 17, 2008


I was up at about six thirty this morning and it looks like it is going on two now. I finished my proposal for grad school and then went to work on a painting for the Hive's global awareness show. Of course I have to be in that one. With the subject matter I am usually using, how could I not be in it. Then I went to the cow for a while and then right back to studio until about one or so in the morning.

So this is the first actual painting that I've finished in my tribute to Marvel comics "What if?!" titles. I think of this series as "What if Al Gore is actually right about global warming and the polar ice caps are really going to be gone in three years?!" I know that sounds a little skeptical of Al Gore, but he's a politician. My dad's been telling me since I could walk that politicians are no good. However, I can agree with not polluting for obvious reasons.

The next piece in the series I think will be a panoramic painting, probably twice as wide as this sketch, with power lines just peaking out of the water. I need to get off the kick of violet green swallows. I think the last three paintings I've finished have had violet green swallows in them, and it is really time to stop.


...thankfully, this sketch which I'm using in a painting that is almost done, has a goldfinch on the branch. In fact I should be done with that one tomorrow morning. It's almost there. All that is left is to bring the color up on the bird, which will be quite simple. When that's done though, I'm not really sure which piece I should send to the Hive.....

Oh well, better to have too many than too few.

until next time....who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men

the shadow knows


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