Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Borough Gallery & Studio

I've been invited to be in another show for November at Borough Gallery & Studio. At this point this year though I am not looking to do a whole bunch more bird paintings. I have really been wanting to do some cartoony figurative work again.

So I started with the Umbrella Man who I have painted before but who I feel I can always do better with. I think he's coming out great this time. I can really see how my painting has progressed when I compare the phases of UM.

The second piece I admit is a little bit of a cheat but I have been looking to piece this painting into a show for a while now, and it is not as if I am not producing other paintings for the show as well. So the second piece is a waiting for the bus piece.

Love this painting. Hope that folks in Burlington will too. Until tomorrow. I gots work to do.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Germ - Quistodors!

It's Illustration Wednesday, cuz I'm a slacker and didn't finish this on Friday. Hope you like it!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dwellings Maximus

It's done, well if I want it to be. I have two pieces that I may try to finish by Monday, or I may not try to finish them by Monday. Either way, I dropped off my show at Artstream Studios today and I am stoked. I have no more shows lined up for this year, so I'm going to work on some cool little projects for me, and try to pick up some illustration work here and there.

I'm also going to get back to work on the Mighty Lark web and mini comics that I have brewing in my head. And lastly I will be applying to the Low Residency programs at MECA and SFAI to hopefully be enrolled in an MFA program next fall, because I'm that guy. Awww Yeah.

But, you haven't seen work from me in weeks and I have a couple new pieces for your viewing pleasure, so here they are.

Yar... I thought of this piece while maxing and relaxing in Warren, NH, because that is what you do in Warren, NH. I love pirates, I love birds, I love the Jolly Roger ( both the flag and the Maritime brew ). What more can I say?

This next piece is a diptych. I think I might make diptychs just so I can use the word. The sound of the word itself is known to make some men uncomfortable. Diptych.

Definitely got into the pipe lettering, but also was able to bring some really colorful painterly background into this one. Amped all around. I'm beginning to realize that this particular blog post is an English Comp professor's nightmare though. And now for another round of colloquialisms....

The last piece is The Burbs #2. I have been feeling very free with the paint application lately. Perhaps I am enjoying the entropy of joblessness. Anyway, I will keep folks up on some future happenings soon. Comic and painting madness are on their way, as well as a couple treats for Halloween and Christmas.