Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Borough Gallery & Studio

I've been invited to be in another show for November at Borough Gallery & Studio. At this point this year though I am not looking to do a whole bunch more bird paintings. I have really been wanting to do some cartoony figurative work again.

So I started with the Umbrella Man who I have painted before but who I feel I can always do better with. I think he's coming out great this time. I can really see how my painting has progressed when I compare the phases of UM.

The second piece I admit is a little bit of a cheat but I have been looking to piece this painting into a show for a while now, and it is not as if I am not producing other paintings for the show as well. So the second piece is a waiting for the bus piece.

Love this painting. Hope that folks in Burlington will too. Until tomorrow. I gots work to do.


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