Friday, August 26, 2011

The Studio NH

September 6 through 8 I will be assembling my biggest and best installation of the year at The Studio NH in Laconia.  From 11 to 4 each day the public is welcome to come and see me setting up what is sure to be the best piece of the year.

Thanks to Melissa McCarthy, owner and artist extraordinaire, at The Studio for the opportunity to work in this manner.  Over the next week I will be adding images of pieces that I will be including in the assemblage.  For now, here is the promotional card.

I hope some of y'all can make it out.  If you can't make it out for the assembly, be sure to hit up the opening.  I hear that there will be a dj spinning some random noise and hip-hop dream. 

I'll be back.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Kahbang Festival

Special thanks go out to Angela Warren who hooked me up with an exhibition opportunity at Kahbang Festival in Bangor, Me this past week.  It was great to get an installation out in the real viewing public.  Reception of the piece was pretty fantastic as well.  It was also great to get to hang alongside fellow MFA'ers Kim Vose Jones, Julie Gray and Shirah Neumann.  Here's a couple shots!!

Here's what the outside of the Gallery looked like.

Haha, and here is my narcissistic shot of the door.

And this is what my crazy pipe installation looked like.  Be on the look out for more of these crazy things in the near future.  I think I will also be sharing some sketches for the next one.  Til then.


Good Lord am I Behind with Updating

Today I finished a project for Artstream Studios upcoming Toy and Game show in September.  It is a series of jars containing marbles adorned with a cute and/or fuzzy animal.  It was partially based off of Barry McGee's liquor bottles and partially because of the scene in Amelie where the fellow has the flashback about the fateful day where he wins and then loses all of the marbles during recess.

 Oddly enough the mouse is my favorite of this little series.  I like drawing creatures with no legs.  And my cats like the idea of a mouse with no legs too.  They are lazy little buggers.

This was a fun project.  Be sure to drop in in September at Artstream Studios in Rochester, NH if you happen to be in the area, and if not you'll be able to purchase these guys off of their website.  I'll keep you posted with those links.

Got some stuff coming up here.  I'm going to have a one man show in Laconia, NH next month as well as the Toy show and I will also be in the October Day of the Dead show at Lunar Boy Gallery in Astoria.  I'll keep you posted.  Til next time.