Sunday, September 2, 2007

Big Art Sale, Moving, and the Smoke Series

So, this thursday for first thursday I intend to be in Occidental Park selling my paintings for an incredibly reduced rate. I'll be there starting at like five thirty and going until it starts to get dark. Everything would be a deal at twice the price except the snake oil.

Anyway here are a couple of examples of the pieces I will have there.

This piece is titled "Rockem' Sockem' " after the game that prompted so many after it, like hungry hungry hippos and trouble. Actually I have no idea about trouble. The pop-o-matic bubble may very well have been it's own brainchild.

This one is called "Brighter than the Others". This may be the happiest I have ever been with my colors. Hope you like it too.

"The Wind Machine" was part of the Cloud Constructors series. I always kind of envisioned this rock forming out of the middle of the ocean off the coast of Florida, with the machine on top directing all of the hurricanes that run through Florida.

So I am also planning out a series paying incredible attention to the smoke pouring out of smoke stacks. I figure this is a good thing to be thinking about with a huge move across the country coming up again. Only thing you can think of in Gary, Indiana.

Anyway, anyone who is looking for some original work, get in touch with me. It is all incredibly reduced for the next month, and I would rather not have to move any of it with me.


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Beth said...

These are sweet. You are hot AND an awesome artist!