Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More Limited Run Zine Action

I am so pleased that I was able to be involved with my friend Sam Mercer's first poetry feature.  Sam is very creative young poet who creates individual experiences at his poetry readings by asking the audience for a key term or phrase and then creating a unique freestyle poem.  As he was creating his merchandise for his feature it seemed fitting that all of his work was hand written and varied slightly from book to book.

I was glad to offer my services in both illustrating the covers and binding the books.  They are available by donation from Sam or myself, though if many more sell, you may have to wait for the next run.  Keep up.

 This was a very fun little project to work on and it made me realize exactly how easy it is to make a zine.  I always over-complicate the matter by trying to make something too produced.  Expect some more limited run zines from me this year.  I like the idea of making books that are not all the same but are all titled the same.  I also think that I will be making some more standard zines.

Hope you like them.

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