Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Occupy the Woods

I'm seeing blocks in my sleep.  Even after a little break outside last week, I am still going a bit stir crazy, but that said I am remaining fairly well focused.  I am working my way step by step through this thesis project.  I think even my last year's adviser would be pleased with the progress that I have made thus far.  I realize now how little work I was willing to do for him.  No wonder we didn't get along absolutely swimmingly.

Last week my friend Ed called me and invited me for a snow shoe trip.  Looking outside today, it seems crazy that that was a possibility as it has been 50 degrees the past two days and we are missing all of the snow that we got over the weekend.  However, last week there was just enough snow to go snow shoe in so I worked up quick Occupy the Woods sign and grabbed a trusty squirrel companion to head to the woods.

I love working outside with my artwork.  The work is almost never left where I plant it, because my father the forest ranger had the take in take out policy pretty much drilled into my head by the time I was 4.  That said, even if these artworks only exist as photographs and stories, I still enjoy them a great bit.  Notice too, my friend Ed doing his best Jaque Cousteau.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have been slowly putting together this thesis.  So slowly, but I am starting to see it materialize already.  But then when you are spending 10 hour plus workdays in studio, one would hope that you would see some results.  I am not down on it though.  I still really like the project and it seems to be gaining some more interest as I move from sketches to physical work.

Here is the status of the blocks thus far.  They're getting there.  I only need about 20 times that and then I will be golden.  Can do, can do.  More photos of this beast will be coming up soon.  I have pieces of the project all over the studio. 

On another note entirely, I received a photo from a friend of mine today.  She has the badger that I carved in her garden and it would appear that New Jersey has actually maintained its snow cover better than Maine.

That's it for tonight.  I have to get some reading done, and I need to figure out what on earth I am doing with this paper.  It is interesting, but not palatable yet.  I'll post things soon.



Mattie John Bamman said...

The "status of the block" is awesome. Looks like some crazy 7th Letter tags or something, but you give it depth/make it 3D. I'm getting aromas of tetris and notes of deathmetal bands' names illegibly written on album covers and t-shirts. Follow the dark side. Occupy the woods.

R.N.T.S.M. said...

Definitely brother. There has been a lot of Carcass, Isis, Pelican, and This will Destroy You aiding me in the production of these blocks, so I am not surprised by your reference to metal bands.

Thanks for checking the stuff out, and I owe you a letter.