Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Love Letter to Washington

Today I have spent the majority of the day piecing together a sketch for my thesis show based on the sketches that I started late last night.  When I started thinking about my thesis exhibition I really wanted to play up the idea of the machine and the mechanical aspect to making interchangeable parts, but then I went to Seattle again.  I can't get Seattle out of me.  It makes me feel something that I can't quite put my finger on.  It is not a feeling of home, but more this feeling that that is where I grew up.  It is as if you spend your first 20 some years under your parents' wing and then you are left to your own means.  Wherever you do that, I think, becomes a special place in your heart.  Seattle isn't the greatest place on earth, of this I am sure, but it holds for me, my youth, and my hopes for a better tomorrow.

With this in mind, and realizing that although I love analytical processes injected in emotional artwork, I want to keep my final piece more emotional.  I am an emotional dude.  I was told this last week that I think about my love life like a woman.  I don't even know what that means, but it went hand in hand with a comment about me being emotional and moody.  I decided to make a love letter to the place that I have the fondest memories of, Washington.

Here is the sketch.

Don't let the sketch fool you.  This piece is a huge undertaking.  The speakers are actual speakers, not a painted representation and each one of those little blocks will be a little block.  I might even use more blocks when I am not feeling lazy and drawing all of them.  I haven't figured out yet if there will be robots at the wall underneath this structure but I think that there will, and possibly a record player playing PNW music.  I attach everything that I remember to the music I was listening to at the time, as you have probably guessed from my blog titles. 

I hope you dig the sketch.  If you are near Portland, ME, I hope you come to see the final in May, and I hope that there is a place that deep down inside you know you love so much that it can bring tears to your eyes just thinking and dreaming about it.


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