Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random Productivity

Today seemed like a day that I wouldn't achieve a thing. Turns out I ended up finishing the drawings for pretty much my entire feature coming up at the Hive Gallery.

I am supposed to build on the birds with headphones and bird house theme, which admittedly I have been reluctant to attack, but after a morning of relaxation, I was able to start banging out a couple drawings, and I just got on a roll. Without further ado:

Decided to show a little more close up view.

Thought I would show the passing of the torch from one older bird to a teenager. Kind of like a kid discovering punk rock from his older brother.

Decided to throw in a boom box instead of headphones in this one. Give it that nice eighties feel for all you crazy birds out there.

Another change of point of view. Hopefully it makes things a bit more interesting.

This one may well be my favorite. It didn't look the best in my sketchbook, but on the panel it is starting to gain a very nice personality. Hope you folks enjoy the little preview. I'll keep posting the new paintings as they pop out.

good night.


Julia Cocuzza said...

dope. i like where this is going.

Julia Cocuzza said...
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the ordinary is unordinary said...

these are awesome.

Mike Lewis said...

Word - Thanks Julia.

Thanks TOIU, glad you liked them.
I was checking out yer page. do you have any mixes or mash ups to listen to? I'd like to hear.