Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Rollin'

Today was super busy. I spent the morning attempting to back all of the pieces for my show. I finished all but three but then had to go to the eye doctor so's I can see for the rest of my life and whatnot. Apparently my prescription is not at all the same as when I was twenty. Sad Christmas, since I still have those same glasses. All to be fixed soon though.

Later I came home and started to make some decisive moves on the three remaining pieces that I had started for the show, and would you believe I finished them. I'm posting two of them for you tonight, and tomorrow I will post the last, but I'm not feeling up to scanning in parts tonight.

Here are the 11th and 12th pieces for the show:

I am amped on this piece, because the atmospheric business that I usually do in the background is much more non-objective than I usually pull off. I miss making non-objective paintings. There is nothing better to really enjoy your color with.

The second:

I really didn't think this piece was going to make it into the show, but it was nagging at me and I found what was wrong. Now I think it is pretty successful as another fairly simple piece to add that balance.

Three more backers tomorrow and then I can send this out. Then on to another Avatar piece and a bunch of pieces for the Hive in May. This is officially as busy as I've ever been. Wish me luck. I really need it.


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