Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pushing my limits under serious duress

My show is fast approaching, and true to my usual form I find myself creating new pieces instead of finishing all of the work that I have been doing. That is not to say that I have ditched all of my pieces. I am just beginning to edit myself, carefully selecting what should stay in and what no one should ever see.

Today was a productive day. I started to paint over a piece that had failed a long time ago, and really brought some angles into the composition, making it much more successful than the first try. The color in it is really starting to lean towards non linear, and really nonsensical, but I like weaving this abstract and figurative puzzle:

This piece was also cool in that I was able to research power lines, cross arms and phases today. There is a lot of really interesting material online about power lines and how they work.

The second piece that I have to post today has really come a long way from the original. I removed the bird and decided to play more with the unraveling tape instead. It feels much more elegant and a little less contrived. Well, I guess its as elegant as a robot with a tape deck for a belly can be anyway:

I have more things to post, but it's getting late, so I will post the rest sometime tomorrow. I will also be putting all of the finishes into an album on my flickr account so you'll be able to see the virtual show.


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