Friday, March 27, 2009

Laid around and played around this town too long...

I was instructed to make a piece with my Avatar in a heroic act, which I've already told you about. I finally managed to finish that piece up and sent it to California today.

Things have been crazy here. The shows are starting to just blend together now. It's nice to be so busy, though economically it is difficult to tell how busy I am. I have a couple new pieces in the works for my Etsy page, which I'll be posting in the next couple days and also I'm working on one of my first prints ever.

I have also just started working on my show for May at the Hive. I'll have a couple scans of that up in the next couple days as well. For the time being, here is the piece I finished for this coming months group show:

I like it. Hope you do too. Keep checking for more stuff.

I'll leave you with a Hank III line.
"Workin' real hard ain't hard to do, when you got you a lotta money coming to you. But I ain't got a dime so I'll just sit here. Even though I'm broke I got a six pack of beer."

Have a wonderful friday. It's beautiful.

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