Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jammin' in the Woods

Living in New Hampshire, you learn to find your own ways to jam, quietly if you don't want any trouble with your neighbors. I've been trying to work some pieces up involving logs and trees, and trying to make them a little more cartoony but also thinking of the logs and trees as a little empire. Kind of like the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi.

This is all started with a drawing that I was working on, while ridiculously slow at the pizza shop. I drew my typical bird, but was growing frustrated, maybe it was the atmosphere of a pizza shop, but started to try to really piece together the environment and also think about some typography at the same time. The result was this:

I was very pleased with my attempt at typography. It felt to me like a mix between a Jeremy Fish feel and a little old skool New York train throw up. When I started piecing in the leaves, I realized that I could make a little more environment though and that the depth of the environment could be created by limbs and leaves.

So then I started thinking about the log jam:

The typography in this one seemed a little more clean, and I then just started to think about the stereo as the accessory to any birds treehouse dwelling and came up with this:

All in all, I think I can keep within the framework of what I was told was my next show and still do something a little bit new, which is really the goal almost every time.

Catch you later

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