Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Room With a View

Today I was trying really hard to finish a piece before I went to work so that I could post it and show everyone what I have been working on but I just didn't have time. My bird head is not really reading in the eye area so it just doesn't make sense. It is coming though. It will be ready to post tomorrow. Maybe the bird construction piece will be ready too. It just needs some highlights to really pop some parts so that it is up to snuff.

As I was trying to bust this piece out though, I remembered that I had never shown the sketch online so I decided to post that instead, hopefully quickly followed by the actual image.:

I like the idea of the robot as a dwelling. The robot also seems to be a little more poppy like an old Asimov cover, or perhaps even more like old tin toy robots. All in all I am quite pleased with this drawing and when the eye on this bird is resolved I will be quite pleased with the painting as well.

Another crazy drawing I had worked up involves a robot fight. I'm thinking of doing a show that is 100 hundred robots and perhaps fifty showdowns. The second robot is definitely meant to be a reflection on the Yellow Submarine. Is it obvious?

Let me know what you think!

Gotta go. Going to be late to work. Peace!

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