Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Work in Progress

I've been working hard in the studio, but unfortunately that doesn't always mean that I end up with an awesome finished product. I've had to scrap a couple pieces lately because of faulty compositions and have taken them back to the drawing board, but I did get this under painting off and running this morning, which is pretty cool.

It's starting to look like complicated scenes are not what is going to really make this first show rock. I think it is going to be more about characters up close. You can't quite see yet, as the piece is really just started but, there is a tape deck in this robots chest and the bird is pulling the actual tape out...

I thought it was kind of a cool way to go with the angry look of the robot with his hands in the air.

Let me know what you think.
In other news I finalized the dates on my two other shows this year. The Hive Gallery show will be in May. The opening is May 2. The Art Stream Studios show, titled "Dwellings", will be October and November.

This is really turning into a busy year. Wish me luck, no drama, and time to play pinball. Peace.

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