Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hydroponic Resolution

I needed to get a piece together for February's group show at the Hive Gallery, and on relatively short notice, so I decided to put together a piece from some older ideas that I had been working on. It has been a while since I have brought the plants and pipes together, but I still think that the idea is pertinent.

Most of the work that I have pumped out lately has been highlighting a little more painterly and a little less of the attention to detail that I was going for in the past year or so. I have been yearning to see some Jasper Johns or Rauschenberg in person. The physicality of their work was so intense, and albeit my work doesn't get as close to that as I would like, I hope that there is a least a little bit of that flair in it.

I have also been missing hatch marks in my pieces lately. I am trying to eliminate to much of what I am starting with I think. It is something that I will be paying attention to in the next couple weeks as I finish up the Blue Bottle Show.

More to come soon.


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