Friday, January 30, 2009

Combining New With the Old

Today I started to work out a sketch of robots specifically to fit into a piece that I had started a long time ago for the "What if the World...." show that I had planned out. The piece was not going anywhere and it was a shame becaue there is a big opportunity to get some waterwork in there. I have been really into the difference between the textures of robot and water and wood, etc.

So The sketch ended up like this, and actually led to some more ideas which I will be sharing tomorrow:

This sketch is feeling really big for me. I am not usually one for having more than two characters in a piece anyway, and this feels really strong to me. So I immediately started to take it to the old painting and try to work the robots in. Here is what I got:

I hope you dig it. In a couple days I should have the finish up so that you can get a better idea what it looks like, but I enjoy the line of robots working their way into this bird's space. I might have to add one more robot in the foreground on the right. Not sure yet.

Gotta run to be a line cook again. Hope all is well, and drop me a line to let me know what you think of the work. The email link is to the right.



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