Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My New York Trip

So I went home, got to draw in my sketch book a whole bunch, picked up a book of Tu Fu's poetry, a bunch of fly fishing books and a Remington Country belt buckle. My parents were doing well and I even saw a couple of my aunts.

Some big changes were going on at home. On Tug Hill there are now several hundred windmills that look super ugly. Well other than that there weren't really any big changes, but that was pretty big. I'm also attempting to get a piece into a show in Sacket's Harbor now. If my piece gets in I will be tickled pink, seeing that Sackett's is where all the artists that seem to do paintings of mallards their entire career seem to make all of their money. We'll see.

But for now I've got a couple sketchbook pages and the painting that I am sending into that show....

So this is what the windmills look like on Tug Hill. I was shocked to see them when I was riding home. Tug Hill was always just picturesque farm fields and whatnot.

I had animal crackers in the Airport. It struck me funny that none of the animals really looked like what they were supposed to be. I remember them being more accurate. Shame on Barnum's and Bailey's.

I was having a cup of coffee before I left on Wednesday, and this girl was in there talking about pea soup. She wanted to leave Seattle because everything reminds her of pea soup. I want to leave Seattle because of people that compare it to pea soup.

This is a small painting that I am sending into Sacket's Harbor. You may remember the sketch. The painting is a response to a Jack Kerouac haiku.

Dusk-the bird
on the fence,
a contemporary of mine

Hope everyone's day goes well. I on the other hand am late. peace.

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