Monday, July 9, 2007

Just a Couple Ramblings from my Journal

Last night I watched Finding Neverland. I found it especially interesting for JM Barrie's wife to be reading his journal. It made me think a little bit about how detached you can so easily become from the people around you, and how little they really know about what you are thinking by what you write in your journal. Most of what I write are notes or random poetry, or things to jog my memory, or perhaps a specific thought for a specific time......

I thought I'd show a couple excerpts though.

I've been reading a lot of Kerouac again lately. He always makes me draw people hitch-hiking or camping or on a mountain.

And here is an example of how I end up compartmentalizing my thoughts. I like to think of it as the comic of mike. Anyway, maybe I will put more of my journal entries up in the future. Hopefully you like seeing these.


Mattie said...

Hey bro, got a good writer friend in Seattle right now looking for an illustrator for his zine Microscopic Giant. It's all good will but you two are on the same page, check out his blog bucktoothmechanics linked on my spot. His name is Tracy. His number is 646 704 4754. I've told him the same.

Anonymous said...

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