Thursday, July 19, 2007

Grad School or no Grad School

If I can just get organized....Applying to grad school is all of the same preparation as applying to galleries. If a school would accept me, wouldn't a gallery. I'm stuck in the middle again.

Fly fishing this summer has definitely led me to work on some fish pieces. I'm thinking an entire maze of mines that fish outfitted like world war two vets have created, while fishermen outside of the water look completely clueless.....Let me know what you think.

Very soon I will be back in New Hampshire, and when that happens the full winter walking series will be coming out. I think it will be really cool. The figures are pretty much going to lose some of their shape, because of the huddle effect. It's almost like walking in the winter in New England is like running into the Blob face to face over and over again......

Long live snow suits.

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Ivy said...

Well Mike,
I decided that I needed to check out your blog, and I am so glad I did...even if I did just get home from a 12 hour shift at the nursing home.:) I love this sketch! It made me think of cold winter days, and the comfort and warmth of bundling up and having hot cocoa in winter weather. The arms (limbs) of the trees feel so fat with anticipation, and woe. A strange combination to be sure, but that was the way it struck me.
Here is a little something that came from it. Thank you. I haven't felt the inspiration to write much these past two weeks.

My foot fall crunches through the barrier of ice, to the soft cold that sets my teeth on edge.
Lattice work patterns trail behind me as I desecrate this sterile world. My mind whirs machine-like. Keeping tabs on the next step, the next payment, and the crunch
fingers its way up my spine and shorts out the wiring.
Turning to follow the path I traveled, coerced by the fat limbs of the trees that hide the promise of beauty.

It is rough, but more than I had before. Thanks darlin'. Ivy