Sunday, July 8, 2007

New Paintings in Astoria

So this weekend Beth and I went camping at Ft Stevens in Oregon, then drove down the coast and took lots of cool pictures of the ocean, saw a tv show being filmed, and a bunch of starfish. We also dropped several bird paintings at Lunar Boy Gallery. I dropped off a disk with digital images as well, so you should be able to see all of the paintings up on the website soon too.

This one is called "Good Day Mr. Bird", and yes it has been up on the blog before, but I revised the bird. Now it actually looks like a red winged black bird which makes me very happy. Next we have "Just Push Play", a not so good example of what Aerosmith can do and a pretty good example of what I can do.

Last but not least. Bird on a wire is going to be a series all its own. I think more birds on more spread out wires though. I'm also kind of picturing the wires making up a patchwork like that in a mondrian. More from the end of his career though. The whole idea comes from this rad photo that I got from my buddy Billy in Portland, ME. So if you like it send props to Billy.

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