Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I am Flying Home Tonight!

I don't have to deliver beer for four whole days. That is awesome! I also get to reflect on life for a while as I fly. Flying puts me more at peace than pretty much anything on earth. I always think of good ideas while flying. Or, at least I think of ways to link together things that I have been working on previously, so as to come to a larger overall understanding of what I am doing.

I have two drawings and a quick painting for you today. ( for some reason I just felt like I was speaking like Mr. Rogers in my head there. Everybody lets change into our indoor shoes and come along with me to the land of make believe. Now I know I need that vacation. )

So this is another journal entry. As you can see, I've pretty much started thinking of myself as Bruce Banner turning into the incredible hulk while delivering kegs. although I am really more akin to the "incredible bulk" or perhaps even the "incredible sulk".

What if robots were tiny? Jonathan Swift would have a field day. And I wouldn't have to clean out my own ear wax. O.k., that is disgusting, and on that note, I'm going on vacation.

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