Thursday, August 2, 2007

Who Wants to Skip work and go fishing?

So last night was a pretty productive night. I worked two paintings from the beginning to halfway. I also went to fred meyer and got fishing lures. (Mepp's Anglias) It's going to be a good night tonight. I am going fishing as soon as I finish work. If you need me I will be on the pier at Golden Gardens.

But I suppose if people come here, they are not looking for my news on fishing, though if I catch something you can bet there will be a picture of it up here. In the meantime, here are a couple more pieces for your viewing pleasure.

The television ideas have been coming to me again. In fact I think for one I am going to do a bunch of pieces that are just single tvs, so that everyone can by a new tv for their house. I feel like everyone always wants a new tv, and I assure you all of my tvs allow you to view in HD.

Hopefully this doesn't happen for a while, but you can't deny that someday it will, and the only people happy about it will be trekkies.


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