Monday, November 10, 2008

New Plans for new and better projects....

Today Beth and I had a long talk, and it kind of was just a kick in the butt. We talked about grad school and the purpose of artwork and what makes things art. With some of this wandering about in my head, I started out angry and down on my work. But I was able to ditch this and move on....looking for new projects and looking for something with more purpose to work on.

I started to think of one of my favorite sketches of all time. The "Good Life" featured a long stemmed plant with a brain shaped leaf emerging from a broken television. It occurred to me that this would be a very intriguing image to see in 3-d, which made me think of putting together a proposal for a bigger show, with actual television sets, gutted and holding plants.

I started to sketch out the ideas this afternoon.

I found a web site with a bunch of old television sets on it. This set I believe was an RCA from the fifties. I like the image of the bonsai tree especially break free of the tv. It's a sort of an ultimate calm breaking free of a coordinated chaos.

This set looked really cool. It had a handle on top to carry it about.

I'm pretty excited about this new show. I'll be posting some random sketches for it in the next few weeks as well as some of the sketches for the Blue Bottle show which is drawing ever more near......


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