Friday, November 21, 2008

Horticulture Friday....

I've been pretty busy lately. I have to admit. And where I thought things would start to slow down and I could just take it easy, I turned out incorrect. I had promised a co-worker that I would put a piece together for him a month ago. I believe I told him I could finish it in a week, which to be honest is probably a proper amount of time, except that I have been trying to get sketches and pieces together for the Blue Bottle show so that some of the work can go up on the website in advance of the actual show.

So far I think I just have the piece done for the postcard of that show, but at least I have four or five others started so more will be coming soon. I decided to post an in prog image of the piece that I have been doing for my co-worker, because it is a rare landscape, and not looking too bad so far either.

I don't know if you can tell from this image but that seriously takes up one corner of my porch. I think the largest piece I've worked on since college was three or four feet high. This is eight feet long, and I do not have brushes big enough to work on it. But like I say, so far so good. Gotta finish it tonight though, since the guy is coming over early tomorrow morning to take it away.

Gotta change that Island.......

I also decided to post a couple more in progress pieces. On the eleventh I posted a sketch and a drawing on a board, and then I stared at the piece for a while and painted over, and drew in and painted over some more, and now I have this.....

I'm pretty excited about the three little rockets in the piece instead of legs. I really am amped on a flying stereo. Thank you Beth for that little suggestion.

I have a couple more images that I will upload soon, but blogger seems to be having issues, so they will have to wait. Check back to see the sketches that I have ready from the Blue Bottle show.


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