Monday, November 3, 2008

Another Monday....the best day of the week for relaxation and painting...

So today was Monday and I got up checked my email, hung out with Beth and started up the day real slow. Went for a coffee at Monte Alto, took the long way home and started painting at maybe 11 or 11:30. It was a good morning, and I was and am still doing awesome.

I started working on a piece that I have had waiting in the wings since about a week after I had solidified my show with Blue Bottle next spring. The drawing was always pretty much there but the paint that I had put down just wasn't getting me yet, but today that all started to change. I threw some cad yellow medium on my pallette and started to work with some orange today. Real orange to go with the pink from the other day...and then when all was said and done I started to bring my line back into the piece and well....I'm happy with it.

Check it out.

I also finished a sketchbook that I've been working with for a while today. the last drawing is an exciting one, because I finally figured out what one of my robots looks like from the bottom.

There it is. Cheers! I don't know why people say cheers as good bye, I'm hoping that whoever is reading this is actually having a cocktail or a glass of wine or something so that the comment cheers makes sense. Otherwise I guess I'll assume that it is a toast to life.

Pronunciation: \ˈchirz\
Function: interjection
Date: 1919
—used as a toast
that's it. Toast to life. Cheers!

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Julia Cocuzza said...

Cad Yellow Med - that is my heart! Painting looks awesome.