Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I have days off with my woman....

Three of them to be exact. It was so nice today drinking a coffee (3 actually) and hanging out with Beth, then casually walking over to my board and rocking out an underpainting today.

The events that led to this under painting are all pretty awesome. First off Markos from my job cut me two panels the other night while I was closing up, so I had two perfectly sized boards for the Blue Bottle show. Then Ivy came over to visit and we worked out our next book a little bit. While we were working we rammed through a bunch of my old sketchbooks and I saw a robot sketch that was pretty rad but way underdeveloped.

So this morning I copied what was in the sketch to board and started to work on composition, because that is where the development was really lacking. I added some screws to give the piece some space and really push the composition into something that I have been avoiding for a while. Most of my pieces come off as so flat and in a single plain.

The drawing came together nicely and I started to lay out the under painting as a value study. So far I am quite pleased....

This piece also allows me to get back a little into the Asian Art thing that I was playing with for a little while. Good things. Good things.

Also last week I titled a blog post with horticulture....and then didn't put up the horticulture sketch because of a blogger mishap....so here you go.

I'm 90% certain that this will end up being the other piece that I do on the boards that Markos shaped for me. I dig the light from the chest as a comparison to solar light. I thinking I am starting to really feel for my new generation of robots here.

Last week one of my sketches was also included in the Free Fridayz blog from Fecal Face, an artist and gallery web site based out of San Francisco. It can be seen in the list here. Check it out and let me know if you can find mine..... This test will be graded.

I leave you with a photo of my kitty though, who was hanging out in my drawer with my paints today. He's pretty much the coolest.

Wish him well. He cut his paw later today. Later cats (no pun intended)!

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