Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The American Dream

When I was in history class in eleventh grade with Mr. Proulx, I remember hearing all about something called the "American Dream". A legacy of multitudes of families immigrating to America seeking jobs and business opportunity. It seemed beautiful in history class, the kind of thing that would bring a tear to your eye when you heard the "Star Spangled Banner". Then I got a little older and heard a band called Pennywise who very much questioned this American Dream and I started to think about how much capitalism really allows you to either go one way or the other.

Today I was thinking about this again, as I was holed up in the Ashland Village Pizza waiting for nine o'clock to roll around. I was thinking "I don't do what I thought that I'd do, and I am not what I thought I'd be." Either way I made a picture to go along with it, thus illustrating that even if I'm not making a living as what I thought I'd be, perhaps I still am that.

And as you can see, it was super busy at work, because I have another sketch for you that I also did while at work today. Tossing the tables on the robot population five at a time.....

Last, but not least, when I got home tonight, I continued to live the dream, and started a new piece for the big upcoming show:

It's a simple piece, but most of the pieces that I've put together for this show have had quite a bit going on in them and I thought that maybe it was time to calm it down a little and Chillax.

Let me know what you think about the work, and for that matter, give me your thoughts on the American Dream. Remember only one page, double spaced. Nothing larger than 14 point font....


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Kelly said...

"the american dream" sounds really nice, but i wonder how much it's like real dreams....real dreams just don't have that much to do with real life.

if the american dream is like MY dreams, we might be better off with reality. i've been having a lot of creepy dreams lately.

is that too cynincal for a friday?