Sunday, February 5, 2012

February TNT Poster

This month's Thursday Night Throwdown poster was very exciting to me.  I have been wanting to push my typography skills a bit more and make them match whatever illustration I happen to be working upon at the time instead of just doing cool typography for in whatever style I please. 

I already knew that I wanted to make this months poster about ice fishing beavers.  My high school mascot was the Beavers, and I've been thinking about home a lot lately.  Along with that I kind of miss regular winter weather this year.  I mean, it would be nice to go snow shoeing again and at this rate it doesn't look like it's going to happen.

After I had drawn some ice fishing beavers I started to think about what would be appropriate to accompany them in terms of text.  I determined that it would be nice to riff of some old Fur Fish and Game or Field & Stream covers because of an old stack my buddy had of his grandfather's the last time I went home.  Upon looking through a few covers online, I decided that my favorite was the old Field & Stream red and black covers.  They typography is fairly simple but really cool and if I used that I could line up TNT in red.  Awesome.  So that is what I did and it turned out pretty awesome if I say so myself.

Let me know what you think.

There you have it.  I've started thinking about next months and after talking to Brittany, my art director and favorite barista, I think I am going with a wild west set up, with a shoot out at high noon theme.  I should be able to get in some sweet type for that.

For now I'm going to go cheer for my home state for a couple hours.  Don't yell at me all of you football hating internet people.  It's just a sport after all. 


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