Friday, February 17, 2012

Down with the Sickness

Disturbed would be pleased, my mother would make me soup, and I am almost ready for bed again.  I haven't gotten much done this week.  At the beginning of the week I was busy denying the fact that I had a cold coming on, and the last couple days it has been incredibly impossible to ignore.

However, I have taken the week to do some things that I have missed out on over the past year and a half, like make friends some cd mixes ( never as cool as making mix-tapes but still pretty cool ), listening to new music and watching some old cartoons.  The break has been kind of nice, even if breathing through my mouth kind of sucks.

Here is the cover that I made for my last mix tape.

This is for my old roommate Chris.  Making mix tapes for him was always difficult because he worked in a record store forever.  It was impossible to try to find something that he hadn't heard, and so I mixed some new BB King in with some Big Business and some Ghostface Killer.  It was a lot of fun to do, and the cover was quite the nice throwback too.

Today it was so beautiful here in Maine that when my intern asked me if I'd like her to come make me soup, I said I'd rather go for a ride.  I feel a bit too sick to be driving.  The last thing I need is to run into someone because I was sneezing.  It was amazing.  Earlier in the day I had posted on google+ that I wanted to go to Twin Lights Park.  The intern doesn't follow my google+ page but low and behold, without saying a word, that is where she took me.  Thanks great spirit.

Here's a cool crest from that trip.

Hopefully I can get some work done soon.  For now I think I will be limited to watching the rest of season 1 of GI Joe.  Holla Back peeps.


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