Sunday, March 4, 2012

March TNT

Tonight I finished the poster for the March Thursday Night Throw Down and also was officially accepted to the Unstable Systems Exhibition at the University of Wisconsin.  I am very pleased with this months' TNT poster because it gave me the opportunity to look through a bunch of old wanted posters and replicate that sort of feel a little bit.  I also found some new sources for type which I think will come in handy when creating future posters.

The Unstable Systems show is cool because it will be my 12th state that I have exhibited in.  That makes me very excited.  I only have 38 to go now.  I want to get to 20 by the year 2013.  That may be a bit unreasonable, but you never know, do you?

Here is this months poster for the TNT.

Hope you dig it.  I also went to a dinner party tonight and realized during all of the cacophony of sound that I really don't deal well with parties.  There is always that moment where it seems that everyone is shouting at everyone else and you are trying to pay attention to four conversations at once.  I don't like it, so I whipped out the sketchbook and jotted this guy down.  I just thought I would share a quick example of what it is I do when nobody is paying attention.  :)

 I hope you all have an awesome day.  If you need a band-aid for your brain, I'll make you one.

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