Monday, May 3, 2010

On Procrastinating, Trains, and a Generally Discombobulated Sensibility

I am in Portland. I have set up my studio and set up my scanning station and pumped up my air mattress. My clothes are neatly filed away and I have a new very awesome teapot and flamingo shower curtain. And so the summer begins. It is still nearly two months until my residency for MECA starts but I am here five days a week while working a day job and in New Hampshire three nights a week, hanging out with my lovely lady. Phew. So far everything is going pretty well, though tomorrow I need to get a couple jugs of water because I am dying of thirst, but on a more artistic basis, today I cranked out a sweet pen and ink drawing.

Check it out. I am totally obsessed with trains and with boomboxes so when I was in NYC this last time, it was not a stretch of the imagination for me to think of the boombox train.

So here it is:

What do you think? I think I might like to use it for my OVS cover that is coming up, well assuming that the OVS magazine hasn't been put together in the time that I have been moving....Haven't heard that that was the case, however.

Also, my Feed Your Soul free print is up and available on Indie Fixx now. So anyone who would like some Mike Lewis art, head on over and get a print free. Free! Sorry got carried away. In case you don't remember it is this piece:

Pretty cool, huh. You should go get one. It's free and available here.

I got some more stuff in the works for this week, so I hope to get some more things up later on. We'll see what happens. Until next time.


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Shirker Draconian said...

cool stuff, like the boombox n' smoke one!