Sunday, May 9, 2010

A New Pen and its Results

While at home in New Hampshire this past week, I picked up one of my lady friend's awesome sharpie fine point pens. I have been using Fabercastle fine point pens for a while now and have never really like them that much, to the point where I've started using a Bic pen for basically all of my drawing and shading. However, the sharpie pen is absolutely awesome.

I put together 3 new drawings this morning and inked my big train piece a bit more. The train piece is not ready to show, but the three bird drawings are. The three drawings are also available over on the Etsy Shop for 10 bucks each.

Here they be:

This bird is my favorite. I love the shape of his head compared to the shape of the wing, and oh so easy to get some loopy line work in. I love my new pens.

Another bird and headphone piece. Been kicking it old skool this month.

My birds are almost always giddie in my mind, so I decided to make a frustrated bird. A range of emotions is always better right.

Anyway, hope you like them, and will be back tomorrow with some more stuff. There is lots going on. Til then.


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