Friday, May 14, 2010

The Finished OVS Cover Illustration & Other News

I have finished my train piece for the cover of the May issue of OVS Magazine. I am very pleased with the way that it came out. The magazine will include an feature interview with me, which I was quite honest with, hopefully people will enjoy that. I still need to provide 3 pieces for the interior of the issue. I'm trying to find some things that "speak" to what I do as an artist. Any suggestions?

Here is the finished cover piece:

I'm usually not done with any black and white piece until I add some cross-hatching. It is kind of my signature at this point.

Also I've added some older paintings to my Etsy shop in the past couple days, besides the $10 drawings which are all still available. Check it out, there's some good stuff for good prices.

I'm also working on a sticker project which I would like to implement by mid month next month, which will give me a sticker to provide to anyone who orders a painting. If there is money left over then I will be pursuing a button project as well.

Stay tuned for more details. Until next time.

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