Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I finished my pieces for OVS Magazine today, which is really great since today was the last possible deadline that I had to finish my pieces. Whoops. Buuuut....I think the pieces are really good. I am very excited about one of them. The other three are pretty cool too, but the one is a combination of things that I have been trying to get at for a while, which leaves me immensely pleased.

Here they are, best first, to my least fav last. Just to show off.

I went to school for illustration, with the intention of starting a career in sequential art. Needless to say I have not really done much with the sequential art. But this is sequential and my style. I heart it.

This is an old idea, but I never had the skills to pull it off the way that I had wanted to. Now I think I've finally captured it. These Sharpie pens really are awesome. I've been able to get blacks that I've never gotten before.

And here we have some more of that loopy line that I attribute to the use of the Sharpie pen again. I really like the way this tool handles. I feel it brings out the best in my inking.

Last but not least:

Peg Leg. Poor bird.
Til next time.



Natasha said...

That bird is sweet.

Kelly said...

Love the drawings....
Wish I had time to jot mine down :)

MaCa said...

I love your bird, and I also really enjoy your drawing style. I went to school for fashion design but I really dig illustration. Sharpie markers have a brownish pigment... some other black markers have a bluish or purplish. It can make a different in how black they appear.