Friday, October 3, 2008

Tomorrow is the Concord Arts Market

Tomorrow is the Concord arts Market. This will mark the first time that I go to an art market with an actual tent. It will also be the first time that I am offering prints. For those of you familiar with my website they are the two pieces available through Stella Gialla.....

Rocking House Finch
Blue Bird Rock #3

The prints will be a measly ten bucks ( you know you want to buy both for that price ....! ) I will also be showing about fifteen to twenty originals including several of my sketches and selling copies of my zine that I did with Ivy Page, writer and grad school whiz...... Halo

by the way we are planning another book soon.....It will be bigger faster stronger and better.

But for now, here is a piece that I finished for the show tonight. If you've checked out sketches up on the blog lately you might recognize the character, and the pose for that matter......

Hope to see a bunch of you tomorrow.......and if this included a surprise visit to nh by one awesome K Belly, I would be most pleased......(miss you)


Kelly said...

so your 'zine.
i would like to buy one!! even though i couldn't come in person to make the purchase :-(

Ivy Page said...

So... Kelly is awesome! Thanks for letting me hang out with you in the tent that would not be tamed! Now about that book...get off the computer and create with me! (after i send my grad school packet off):)