Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Thursday!

Hey it's almost time for the weekend. Good times, good times. I've been geering up for a pretty good one myself. If I'm not sick and working it will already be better than last weekend. Also with any luck it will be slow and I can draw instead of cook while I am at said place of work as well.

So I've been a little bit of a creative slump they last few months, trying to come up with something insanely awesome for this show in Seattle coming up next spring. Frankly I think I've been over analyzing and putting undue pressure on myself. It is after all just another show.

Last night though, I finally was able to break through the haze a little bit and I came up with this finished sketch. I'm really into the tall robots, and the bird/creature in front is a little homage to Hieronymus Bosch.

It's weird to start off with pop culture ( I started with the robots ) and seek a solution for composition and subject matter, which ends up being a reference to the classical.

The thought process reminds me a little of the newest work that I've seen from Henry Lewis, where he is referencing old Roman sculptures as well as classic baroque style paintings. My professors in school would harp on the fact that those works will always be recognized as good, but you don't really think about the weight of a statement like that while you are in school.

But I digress.....
So there is it is the first sketch that I feel is moving a little more in a direction that I would like to handle this Blue Bottle show with.

Check back for more soon.

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e. said...

that's an awesome drawing! i'd like to see it in color... it'll look cool