Sunday, October 12, 2008

I feel so old.......

For folks that usually come here just to check new paintings out, I apolgise. At this time I feel like I've got no one left to talk to and like I've dug my own hole. So I am hashing this out on my blog, who is frankly a voiceless and awesome friend to me at this point.

There may have been a time that I thought that starting your own business might be easy. I really can't remember now what my perspective has been over the years. All I know is that, If that was what I thought, I could never have been more wrong.

The pizza shop fired a cook this week, which means I will have to pick up a shift. I now work three doubles a week. I have three days "off", these being days that I work on the web. This morning which is essentially two hours before I go to the pizza shop, I have already been the recipient of two emails from a business guy in Mass that wants updates made to his site.....

I have devoted my creative time to a business, that I now no longer care if it survives.....and I feel so old, like this guy, that came into the shop the other day. It started as a drawing of him, but turned into how I felt like I should look, tired and ready to quit. Sometimes it takes something harsh to realize how much you really liked what you were doing.

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