Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Semester is Done

My documentation this summer hasn't been great, and I apologize for that. Think with me for a moment if you will that I was merely conducting a true performance piece where the subject was of complete disappearance. Or just think that I had about a million disparate thoughts crowding my head at any given time. But tonight, tonight is Robin Hood and a pot of coffee, call my parents and call it a weekend. Tomorrow begins the first full week in the new kitchen job, which is great. Full from scratch kitchen. I am learning a lot and loving every minute of it.

But I digress. Here are a couple images from this summer that were actually for class and have nothing to do with the show coming up.

I picked up this chair the first day we were at school. I love it. Everyone in my program, however, thought I was a little loopy from the get go. I carried it from a tour to a meeting that we were having on where to get studios. It was more comfortable than the chairs that they were sitting in though. Just saying.

This is where the water system pieces started to head at the beginning of the summer. I kind of lost track with it after this, but I think I'm going to come back to it full force soon. Anybody know where to score some old pipe?

This is officially my first interventionist piece. It was brought to my attention afterwords that most likely it would be more successful if it looked more like the real sign, but I dig it. Haven't figured out my support for it yet, but this project isn't completely dead yet.

And woooooord. This is what I wanted to do when I got to school. Straight up. I just finished another one today as well. I am loving the mismatched constructions. Explanations later people, don't rush! They are coming soon enough.

For now, the Beta Band has me pretty chill and I'm drinking coffee at nine o'clock. Good times. I have more stuff from the semester and quite a bit to do before I send a package to Cake Spy next Saturday, so be looking. Til then.


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