Monday, August 9, 2010

Oooh Yeah

Aaah. I am so far behind in the art world. I need some serious catch up time. Unfortunately, I do not think I can make my opening in Seattle, but at least it looks like I will have paintings to send. Still, I am always bummed when I miss out on a trip to the Emerald City. Especially when I am only doing it so that I can have a job. But when I heard the relief in my mother's voice that I would have to work and wouldn't be able to go spend more money on a ticket, I realized that conservative is probably better in this instance. So I guess, if you are in Seattle, please go to the show, perhaps I will send a card board cut out or something so you can meet that, or maybe next time.

Anyway, here is my piece for the beer show at Lunar Boy Gallery. It is totally late, but at least I like it. It's a play on the Kool Aid Man in case it isn't obvious.....

Summer is winding down. I will have more time for all of this, and less time spent reading about beholders and absorptive subjects. I look forward to the possibility of being on here more.

Have a good Monday.

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Julia Cocuzza said...

beer show? that's awesome! how can i get in on something like that?